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In Australia, some state governments have made it mandatory to be vaccinated for work. Business are threatened with $100k fine for employing people whom aren’t vaxed. I lost my job because of this and seek to write a notice and require compensation for the year or 2 I will now be out of work and the harm it will cause to my family. I have just finished module 4, is it to early in the course to send notice to the state premier and CHO. Would I recieve remedy for the wrong and harm they have caused by just wanting to work and house and feed my family. Also, can I use a P.O. BOX number instead of my home address. Things are changing so quickly here I feel I have to get these notices out asap? Thank you for all your work putting this together.

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  1. The craziness of the situation down under could be coming somewhere a little closer to home for any of us. As Alex Thompson says…, it’s easy to dismiss as happening ‘over there’ till eventually yours is the only village left, surrounded by the ever encroaching tyranny that actually didn’t get halted by ‘others’.