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In Canada there is ‘Crown Land’ – As a man, i, believe that occupying some of this this land (observed to be unused, and owned by no man) would do no harm to any man or woman. In your experience, is it reasonable for me to post notices on a portion of this ‘crown land’ that state that a man now occupies this land, and it is now considered a mans property??

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  1. Extremely interesting theory the “Crown” seems to own the U.S as well from what I’ve studied im sure u will be fighting against the queen herself she’s greedy n wouldn’t want to loose her Interest easily ? but sounds good

  2. “legally” Crown land is admitted to being held in trust, not owned – so claiming some land as the wo/man who benefits from the trust? or???

  3. Good question. Makes me want to widen it with « is there any land anywhere that can be claimed, not purchased? »

    1. It was not that long ago that homesteading was still a thing in Canada (not sure about today). It only required minimal development for a variety of agricultural purposes when I looked into it for northern Alberta.

  4. this is interesting! back in legal school i learned that possession is at the heart of property rights – courts have held that squatters who continuously possessed an abandoned building could rightfully claim that as theirs after a certain amount of time, and no other claims were made. so even in legal society, possession is a cornerstone of property – even though all they could claim was title to the property. would be interesting to hear what the law is