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in one example, a video clip was provided to support your claim; what if you did not have a video clip to evidence your claim; what if you only had your word; could you use an affidavit as evidence to support your claim?

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  1. Wouldn’t your notice be equal to an affidavit as you are adding the line:

    i, say here and will verify all be true in open court;

    Would that qualify as an affidavit?

    1. Hello Brenda, thank you for your comments, my initial thoughts were in alignment with franc; there is an equity rule that states: an unrebutted affidavit stands as true, however an affidavit is a legal fiction, there is a biblical passage that states: if you have a problem with your neighbour, go to your neighbour with two other neighbours and speak with him – the two neighbours then become witness – i have used this approach with some success in the past; i now believe that the response by Marcus Haynes is more applicable , that is, i , here say and will verify in all be true in open court.