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in two areas of life my notice sending has been ignored or rejected; example was a notice sent to family services (I transcribed Jon’s scenario as it was similar, the difference being my ex moved overseas and she wants family services involved); family services and the woman acting on their behalf yesterday came back on the notice and threatened direct deductions from my pay, not allowing to leave country etc; how do i interact with someone who is a bureaucrat/lunatic; how can i develop my sense of power (vs current where i send a correspondence then notice and feel a moment of ‘yes, that was right’ but then the system overrides and i am back feeling powerless and defeated); thank you

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  1. refining these questions;
    how do i interact with someone who does not respond to ‘honour’ thus hiding behind their role;
    how can i work with a sense of powerlessness as a man as greg talked about in the first Q and A call;
    thank you