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is it better to proactively send notices to the man or woman who sometimes acts as the agent at a school/hockey rink, etc. in order to make clear the law of i, in regards to my property, in this instance the sons of i (in terms of vaccination, masks, etc.)? in the case of vaccinations and masks, i, believe that waiting for a trespass to occur would put the sons of i, at risk

i ask this because Jon and Greg said several times not to submit notices until i, am confident about appearing at court; but in this case waiting a few weeks to send notice about the law of i, pertaining to the sons of i, might be too late.

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  1. Yes there is a push for Gillick competence usage at school for 12yo+ assessing maturity by authorities (in school) allowing them to coerce kids to permit vax without mother or father consent or even telling them afterwards. If they state that the vax is mandatory, we can keep them at home.