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Is it correct that the world trustee and interim commander in Chief Kimberly Ann Goguen de-ratified on the highest human level the mandates and custodianships from all the bankers, governements and judges to use our ‘natural persons’? For if she did, and if this is the way it legally goes, than almost all the other good questions need a better and more updated answer to be right.other

The monial Lifeforce network and the independent United Network News initiated by Kimberly Ann Goguen seems to be correct and up to date about what is realy going on at our planet. When she is what she claims and when she does what she says, and I have no reason to doubt this, than we need to sustain her efforts and act in a different way towards our former governements and their trias politica helpers. All the rubbish with our natural persons is over and out then. Which seemed to me in line with our awakening conscious. I wonder what you all think about this very logical and natural developments.. Yours sincerely. Peter from Holland

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  1. I’ve been following Kimberly Ann Goguen for some time. Although I do believe she is a good person, there are many holes in her story. She also disagrees with many other “operations” going on, and this also seems odd. For me, I need to see more coherence going on before I can make a final decision on the credibility of Kimberly. After all, we have absolutely no proof. We are only going by what she says.