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Is there a lawful way to remove credit card debt?

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  1. I don’t know, but personally I feel that if you bought it you should pay for it… to expect the credit card company to pay for something that you already bought and now own seems to me like it goes against what this is all about… which seems to boil down to personal responsibility and accountability…
    I think we all need to be responsible for the debts we create… that being said I also think that for those who don’t have enough to cover basic living expenses like food we all need to step up and chip in where we can (not necessarily financially, but some of us could provide seasonal fruits and veggies, others with chickens could provide eggs, etc!)…
    But in my opinion we each need to step up and take responsibility for the debt we create. (that’s just my two cents worth! :)).

  2. Before i found the Computerspyexperts i disputed a couple of claims with an agencies and they just marked them disputed. Basically blew me off after I contact [email protected]M and used their service after the results from a dispute. Trans removed it and score went up 75 pts. Equifax same and went up 69 pts. Waiting for experian mail or tex804 7 2 3 -1140‬