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is there a way that i: a woman who is at the start of this course to learn how to write notices, might receive support from those who have the full knowledge of this course in regards to make sure punctuation and all aspects of notices are correct before i, do send them; if the details are so important, i, would love to have mentorship beyond the videos

i, understand that writing notices is a personal path, and must reflect the law of i… but just as Jon and Greg went through and "finessed" the notices in Module 4.1… i, would find it very helpful to have a second (more experienced) set of eyes on mine as i, learn.

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  1. Yes, and everyone is so willingly helpful – but we probably need a way to know we are getting correct advice. Misguidance could be disastrous.

  2. i as a woman would also wish this. It is mainly due to the effects of long-term chronic health conditions, from which i am now recovering. i do not have current family links/connections. Thank you.