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is there a way to get the actual deed to your land back into your possession? my partner’s dad bought his land in the 70’s and he had the actual deed for many years… about 15 years ago he needed a small loan so went to the bank with his information… when they saw that he had the deed they took it saying “you shouldn’t have this” and haven’t given it back even though the loan was paid in full… can we (or others) get our deeds to title back for our land if we own outright?

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  1. In Canada (Okanagan area of BC specifically) I want to initiate the purchase of a holding of land where like minded people can live independently with a stake in the ownership of the land where we cooperate to produce the things we need including finances, production, food, arts, science etc. I feel/fear that without allodial title we would be subject to zoning, building, insurance and other by-laws that restrict and control free market for free people. Can you suggest how we might acquire real ownership/control over our land such that we are not subject to gov’t regulations? Thank you.