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Mock court exercise does not address the way i respond to the wo/man who my claim is against with their common positions or if they show up with a lawyer

Learning how to deal with the wrongdoer wo/man's comments/positions/claims/arguments IF they actually show up in court is important. Also, how to address the magistrate should they show up with a lawyer.

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  1. This is a good question (if I understand the question). What *are some of the excuses that public servants, especially politicians and public health officials, will use to defend against a claim of trespass by way of financial loss due to stay at home orders?

    And, if it’s law common to i, do i get to decide if their excuse is lawful or does the magistrate decide? Jonathan has quite deftly avoided what happens if the claim goes to court and the man or woman has a list of excuses. ;). Let’s go Jon. What have you experienced?

    If the excuse is “I was just doing my job” how do i reject that excuse?

    Jonathan has addressed the issue of easily getting rid of any legal suit who may attempt to insert themselves.

  2. great question. i asked the same thing about if they arrived to court with a lawyer in another question.

  3. ?This is a court of claim for bringing forth evidence, and they must bring forth evidence as to how they have not trespassed upon the law of i ?