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My family home in which I reside with my children and the rest of my mother’s estate is being left to me in a trust fund. How do I use The Law for Mankind to access that without entering into a contract with the law firm who owns the trust?

I think this would be a great question for all who receive something under a family member’s last will and testament, but may be left in such a way that binds you to the system for life. After all, that is why we are here. Thank You

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  1. Also
    i really need to know the answer to this as there is a deadline and have to send out a notice soon! I’m running into a deadend. Charlie tried to help but said she doesn’t know about trusts and asked me not to ask her about it but IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE who can answer this?
    There’s got to be a way?

    How does one address notices to protect assets in a trust??
    as man/woman?
    Is this ok?
    a man; who sometimes acts as: John Doe; trustee of the JOHN DOE TRUST????

  2. I’ve been told using a trust is more private than i, a woman. Apparently it’s just a piece of paper, it can not say or do anything – appreciate your take on this? Thanks