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My husband has received a letter from federal MPs including our PM that says he “must be vaccinated” and it’s “to protect youself, your loved ones and your community”, “…from hospitalisation and death”. Could this letter be used as evidence of trespass by way of extortion or intimidation; with claims that can be proven to be untrue given the evidence of vax failure to stop transmission and evidence of vax harm; hospitalisations in NSW Australia are mainly the fully vaxxed as reported by state health officials.

This letter has been sent out to people 60 years and older across Australia, signed by the Prime Minister, Minister for Health and Chief Medical Officer. Names given with titles as : the Hon Scott Morrison MP; The Hon Greg Hunt MP; Professor Paul Kelly.

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  1. I too have received a similar letter here in the UK. However, as an Australian citizen (with dual nationality), & wishing to return to Australia, where i am the mother of a boy who is now a man, i would like to know how to prepare for this.