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Natural resources are free on the planet and the gas/electric/water infrastructures are already paid for and maintained by us through public taxation. So, my question: Is it legal to replace your utilities company gas, water and electric meters (of course, complying with professional and legal safety standards), so you are no longer obliged to pay for inflated energy and water costs? And how may may we avoid possible bailiff actions?

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  1. I have already started the process with this and need advice to confront any warrant officers fake court judgements

  2. What a necessary and good question!
    I happen to know that power is FREELY and MOST ABUNDANTLY available.
    You generate your free power using the following ingredients:
    1. Magnets to lead and a metallic frame on which to hinge them
    2. Wire to connect
    3. A pair of gum boots so you don´t end up a fuse yourself