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Prior to your course I had sent Notice to Agents is Notice to Principles and Notice to Principles is Notice to Agents–TOO many words; but rebuttal to their claim of the woman being the fiction along with my continued offer of a remedy- which never was considered or countered. I just sent my i: a woman Notice to both the woman; who sometimes acts as the Clerk of Court (sent the summons) and to the man; who sometimes acts as a lawyer credit card debt collector (who filed a suit against FIRST M LAST-fiction). I refused receipt of this summons X1 but second time the person just dropped it on my deck. I sent this back along with my Notice to the woman; who sometimes acts like the County Clerk because it is not addressed to i: the woman. Their jurisdiction is for fictions not men and women. Would I be correct to feel there would not be any kind of “backlash” because of the jurisdiction they are playing in since I did not consent to their “offer to play their game”?

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