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Questions regarding, Greg’s question to TAX IRS agent.

Greg mentioned that he (never)? heard from tax again, after his Question,

” Dear John Doe,

Please can you confirm that loans made by
me alan benjamin gergory paul to the ALAN BENJAMIN SMITH estate are
not taxable according to the relevant legislation.

thanks for your kind attention,

Yours sincerely,”


Can you elaborate on this.

1) is it, that TAX can not-tax benjamin gergory paul ?
(even though benjamin gergory paul is in possession of agreement – as considered transferred value exchange?

2) Have you created a private agreement
IOU "I owe you,"
A loan contract, (stating lender's right to recourse)
between benjamin gergory paul and ALAN BENJAMIN SMITH ?

3) When a Loan was made to ALAN BENJAMIN SMITH
how come that the source of that loan in not taxable to alan benjamin gergory

4) When i, am man, write similar question, can IRS tax i for the income earned by "capitis deminutio maxima" aka: "STRAW MAN" ?
especially when money received as income by "STRAW MAN" was created in previous year?

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