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Regarding building permits on land owned by I; help with crafting correspondence to the sender of a notice from the planning department expressing my law in the case of a tiny home which is being constructed (on wheels) that currently does not meet requirements, but will upon completion when it is habitable.

As soon as we put in a kitchen or bathroom and it is habitable, they will demand a building permit, per phone conversation with employee of planning dept.

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    1. In my town, the building codes are ridiculous after “superstorm Sandy” in 2012. Everything is now required to be on pilings 9′ above ground level. I was thinking I could build a floating platform right on the ground with a small house which would be MUCH cheaper. It would never be approved however. Plan B is to just find a large boat in need of major repairs and make it a “land yacht” on the property I own.

  1. I have a similar question about building “off-grid” in a residential area. Using a composting toilet and bottled water (or collect rain water) for drinking & bathing would not require tapping into anything that the town could use as “leverage” to enforce building codes/statutes.