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Sars-CoV-2 has never been isolated or purified, there is zero documentation that such a virus exists, and the covid-19 tests are testing for hypothetical genetic material, not an actually known virus. Can i, press a claim on the men and women who act as politicians, for trespass by way of terrorism for putting me and those of mankind through hell, if they cannot prove the existence of the alleged virus?

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  1. Representatives of the Queen of England and the Government of Canada have already stated on a court record in Alberta that they have no evidence to support the existence of the virus.

  2. The Ministry by Liberum Association and Biologists for Truth and a private individual submitted a petition to the Spanish High Court to prove the virus exists (has been isolated). The Ministry of Health had to acknowledge they do not have the virus isolate or cultures of the virus issuing this statement; “The Ministry of Health does not have SARS-COV-2 culture for testing, and does not have a registry of laboratories with culture and isolation capacity for testing.” There is a lot of subjective conjecture in this video. The meat of it is between 4:34 to 8:11.