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So… If we go private, does that mean isolating ourselves from the world in a way? Do we still have any citizenship or do we renounce that? And do we still have and use any government issued IDs? How would that affect travel/entry to other countries, having a bank account, doing business or anything that involves having an ID, “legal” paperwork or being the citizen of a country? Thank you! ??

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  1. Also if we would need any public services like emergency hospital care or police in case of an emergency, how would those be affected?
    Thank you!

  2. How does being in the private affect our children? My son was born in my bed in my home almost a year ago. We used an unlicensed midwife and did everything in writing nothing digital. My wife and I made documents of our own such as an affidavit of paternity and a property deed. My sons birth was also published in the paper. No birth certificate or social security contracts were made for my son with out his permission. After doing this all we don’t know really how to navigate the world with our son.