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The art of asking questions: can you role play some scenarios for the group please?

I'm thinking about you dealing with the police and other authorities.

I get the theory about asking questions, but would love to hear your tone and see how you avoid being belligerent when you're dealing with a nasty policeman.

The more scenarios/authorities you perform for us, the merrier.

Perhaps you could record and add these to the lesson about asking questions.

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  1. I generally go about “normal” life without hassle for not wearing a mask but I had one bizarre shop keeper do a 180 on me. It’s been on my mind.
    When I asked why she was afraid she said that she didn’t want to get fined. I said that wouldn’t happen but I should have said something else because she basically had a meltdown. Heartbreaking. I then made it worse by trying to explain that everything is voluntary and there is no public health emergency…. It was lifted in June.

    I would like to get to a point where I feel comfortable knowing that I could handle myself if a shop keeper does call the police and they show up. I actually *want to see what they would say. I want to know what questions I can ask them so I have proof that there is no covid law for which they can enforce. Would they charge me for trespassing? What questions would I ask them so that I don’t get charged? I want to have a positive experience and a positive outcome. Is it wrong to want this to be learning opportunity for the shop owner?

    1. Is there a way to operate a gym in the private when owners have been asked to be doubles jabbed? Also they can only open up 100pax to double jabbed or 10pax if unjabbed.

  2. much needed question, more caveman speak, more scenarios to consider – i state however, jon the man needs to slow down bit and enunciate 🙂

  3. And how to deal with the county showing up at your Private membership association grocery store and trying to cite you for not having a license.

  4. I agree that this would be helpful. I’m also wondering if it’s better to be proactive and tell any “powers that be” about intentions to willfully ignore certain codes/statutes that are unjust/unfair – or is it better to deal with objections that are certain to arise after I ignore their monopoly rules?