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The WHO pandemic rules are likely to be implemented worldwide later this year and also in europe the ID system with healthpass. How can i stay free of those regulations?

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  1. Please address how we protect not only ourselves but our children as well, and our loved ones who are not able or willing to see what is going on.

  2. This is a huge question for all of us! Our sovereign rights for medical autonomy are at risk globally! How do we stop those in power from taking an action that we do not consent to?

  3. Perhaps, this question may be answered also, in conjunction with the PMA “Ministry of Health”, (Govinda Tidball), question.

  4. We must stop the digital ID – how do we protect ourselves and family from this tyranny thru this law?

  5. ADDITION TO THIS QUESTION: How does a free man or woman insure they are eligible for medical services at facilities, and also maintain freedom from contracting with them at admissions to become surrogates over the patient’s rights?

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