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“vax” passports/cvd testing/mask requirements etc: If a business/shop/transport network etc “requires” masks/vax passport for entry, but it is not required by “legal law”/act/statute, does that business/shop have the right to require it regardless of the “legal law” situation, because of their right to define their own law on their property?

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  1. My understanding is that the Globalist plan to control everything requires the destruction of small businesses. What we have left then is big business in partnership with governments. These big businesses will then (and we are already seeing this) mandate vaccinations for all employees and customers. As I understand it employees, acting as Man or Woman can claim a trespass by way of extortion and harm BUT i, don’t know if a man or woman who sometimes acts as a customer can make a claim of trespass?

  2. ? I understand that notice can be brought to wo/man who is creating controversy by way of harm to access to goods that were exchanged freely in the past; limit access causing harm to property of i;
    BUT could instead informative information/education in a concerned manner be given by way of research studies…personal relationship in private to be built… FIRST?