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We thought we did everything right by paying off all debt– mortgage, vehicles, credit cards. But do we own any of it, or is it the ALL-CAPS name who owns it all, and if so how to reclaim all our properties that we have paid for and put it in our name? What is a Land Trust compared to a mortgage? How do we properly set up property so that our children inherit everything without paying taxes? How do we remove government from meddling with our property? What are pros and cons of changing title of property where we live to a Land Trust, would that mean less government involvement and no property taxes to pay? What if we buy 100+ acres, would it be wise to change to a Land Trust and give each child their own 10 acres of land to build their home? Does changing property to a Land Trust remove mortgage? I would like this topic explored in detail, as there are talks of intentional communities being made, but how do these types of communities work and who owns the land and do you have any claim to it or does one man/woman own it all and you are simply tending the land like an idiot until they kick you out? If a property is changed to a Land Trust, does that mean you cannot sell it if plan doesn’t work (like if 5g tower is built in area, or if residential neighbourhood gets built across the road …) We want to ensure that our children are set up right. Can a Land Trust apply to a residential city house property? I only just heard of this “land trust” concept this week while visiting a farm. How is a man/woman suppose to live in order to be truly free from government intermeddling?

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  1. Yes, how do we bring land back to the woman, when the title to the land cannot be registered in the private/ living but only in the CAPITAL fiction name with an IRD number attached? The title is supposedly only a piece of paper without substance – yet it contains all our savings. How can we stop government to dictate taxes annually, taxes on sale of property, and other interferences/ wealth assessment during hospice days?