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What information can you share about alloidal?

I read about alloidal title in canada on the site My understanding is that when we "register" our property (house and land) with the government, we pay property taxes. We can claim alloidal title and convert it back to our own property and no longer pay property tax to the government. It is a different process in each province; very simple in some and more complicated in others. New Brunswick seems to involve hiring a lawyer to condict a title search.

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  1. I have been very interested in Allodial Title. I’ve heard and read that it’s impossible. I just can’t believe that and would like to know how to get an allodial title to my property.

  2. Me too, Susie. I’ve done some research on it but can’t seem to get anywhere with it. Almost no one knows what it is. I only learned of it myself last summer.

    1. I have some information from “Stop the Pirates” and it sounds easy but reading stories of people who have tried it, well, I don’t think so. I think “Stop the
      Pirates” is now defunct, but an internet search may bring up the archives. I had printed out a lot of information, but all of it was lost in the Paradise CA fire a few years ago and since I have relocated to Florida, and am starting over.

  3. Ron Gibson in the US is a good source for land patents that provide alloidal title.