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What is the best way of obtaining land and/or home and not be part of the system?

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  1. Connected to this wider question, can you please clarify whether any of your courses deal with removing existing “Death pledges aka mortgages” completely. Has the system been applied successfully and how long does it take (if you are not able to go through the actual process).

  2. I am a German citizen. Are their major differences in the application of common law or buying land in Europe in comparison with Australia (Common Wealth countries)? Would be great if you could address this. Thank you.

  3. How to stop paying property tax or remove “real property” title without fear of seizure or other repercussions is a big question most would want remedy for. i, a man haven’t figured that one out. Property is paid for and no liens with frn’s.

  4. On this question, I am interested in knowing the process for dealing with property and school taxes. The rates we are being charged in New York are unconscionable and extortionist. I prefer not to receive the “services” of my county and public school. The county is abusing its citizens and the schools are abusing the children. I don’t want to support them with my money any more. I do have a mortgage still so I am trying to figure out how to exit both the mortgage and the taxes. please offer whatever you know on these topics or any successes you have had or know of. thank you so much.

  5. Will this course give us access to register a new deed for property already owned that cannot be hacked by scammers and cannot allow liens to be placed on? I’ve heard through :Mark-Kirshon: Christopher that there is an organization which services all property owners of all countries where you can have a new title to your property created, registered and kept securely so that no one else can access. Do you think this organization is legitimate, effective, and a good thing to do?