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What is the Easiest and direct pathway to Freedom? Freedom to live and work without fiscal encumbrances. To have Health freedom with the right choose methods of care, to live as a free man and not chattel of the state, to not be mandated to do anything other than live and work peaceably. To not have corporate interests poisoning our world with things like 5G or glyphosate, contaminated water, or non food! How can we take back our right to a safe existence to personal freedoms without judgement and the noise of propoganda? Free speach and a free life of ALL the choices we can experience in peace and love and with Compassion and integrity. How can we bring back the joy and expansiveness to life?

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  1. Yes AND Social Services, AND a living wage for all – especially the the poor, mentally and physically ill – all those in need! All is of course a part of a healthy and happy society – which is one that looks after ALL of it’s people! Which means All of it’s people are happy. A PBS show called the mysteries of mental illness illustrates this very well!

  2. I love the above question, as it encompasses the most important aspects of life.