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What’s the best way of claiming and taking full control of a superannuation ( retirement ) fund with the law ( legal) in Australia being that you can’t access the funds until you’re 60. I can set up a self managed fund via a trust and even have precious metals in my possession, however even then Mummy & Daddy Government want to see diversity in your investment and want justification for investing in one thing alone and you’re audited every year to make sure you still have it. I consider the fund to be the property of i, and want to use the money to pay off my house.

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  1. great question. i want to do the same thing. i apply for early release and the other night i woke up in the middle of the night thinking to myself, this is financial dictatorship….the banks and the super funds are in bed with each other.

    1. Thanks Kylie. Yes the banks want their interest payments. My wife and I had the same revelation a few weeks ago. it’s our money. Give it to Us!!!! Greg’s free downloadable book on the dashboard Understanding Law and the Nature of Society has a great section on the banks and money creation. The Govt could create interest free currency, but instead they sell bonds to the Centrals banks who give the govt the money and the govt then owes them interest, which is paid by taxpayers. So the banks are getting our tax and also lending us money for house etc

      1. hey travis, i’ve not heard of the book. i’ll have to have a looksee. thanks for that. this stuff grinds my gears and most of the time i’m flat out turbo in sixth gear…..:-)