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Where does this law for wo/mankind information originate? You talk about the original meanings of words from way back. How far back does all this stuff go? And are there any source documents and/or research we can look into in regards to the history of the law for wo/mankind?

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  1. I have been wondering this same thing since the beginning of the course. It would really help to know more about where this originated and perhaps why it is recognized by the dark ones. Greg and John have both said the dark ones don’t want to trespass. They take it seriously. Why?

  2. Good question. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’d like to know how to do my own research into this as well

  3. similarly, i, wonder where the rights (e.g., to property) originated; i, wonder who stated, from what source did it come, that “a man or woman has the right to do anything they are capable of doing that does not cause harm to another”; it is doubtful that these laws and rights just suddenly appeared in the minds of mankind; Jon said there are no God-given rights (in 3.1 ~48:); many in the sovereign / freeman / US Constitution ‘camps’ proclaim there are; while i comprehend there is no God coming to our defense in court or writing notices, if it was not God who established the law, i wonder if it was simply established, incident by incident, man by man, over hundreds of years.

  4. Very interested about sources as well; i, intend to do more independent research and cross-reference information with what I’ve done elsewhere. Great question!

  5. I’m also curious about this. I looked up the meaning for “job” and did not find anything remotely close to what was described in the course. But in the faq for module 3 that was one of the first questions and the reply was all the answers for definitions were in the first couple of modules. I’d like to know more about how they arrived at this definition of “job” and how we can go to the source of definitions.

    1. Hi Dyann,
      I share your desire to understand this as well; I did look up “job” in my Concise Oxford Dictionary, and of course the first entries are: a paid position of regular employment / a task or piece of work / a responsibility or duty (which all feature fictitious words), but the fourth entry says: informal “a crime, especially a robbery”.
      This led me to start searching for an older dictionary which might have older, more accurate definitions, but I only went so far since I live in an RV and have limited space, and weight restrictions.