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You speak of billing a man, acting as a police officer, for orders, such as a man searching your car. But, allowing them to search a car or enter a home could be detrimental. It is not uncommon to have men, acting as officers, who fain the smell of marijuana to gain entrance to your car and/or ‘plant’ a small amount of drugs when ‘searching’ your property. This then becomes a chargeable offense to them and puts one on the defense. I and several others i know have experienced men who lie and manipulate circumstances for their end purpose. Is it wise to allow this, or even invite it knowing that there are unscrupulous men out there acting as public servants?

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  1. do we notice agent man of law of property of I, that would be considered trespass by way of harm (still questions of how detailed) and robbery (as using property and is armed) and by way of barratry (using codes/acts as agent)…also questions regarding harm by way of lies – what do we call this? false claims? in court we ask only for evidence, if they do not have evidence they have committed a trespass