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A lot the public discourse now is about “stress” and “overwhelm”. I see it in the eyes behind all those masks. I know that our souls are on this journey alone and we can not save anyone. Law is not about that but can Greg delve into the emotional spiritual element related to L4M on the call please? There is a lot of pain out there in the world.

Law includes a psycho-emotional and spiritual processing. I was listening to someone in the April 13th recording who said that when she started writing notices it was like "pushing a boulder up hill". Her and Jonathon had a nice discussion about that. There's an evolution to "becoming" that I want to comprehend better. A lot of people are feeling stressed/anxious/overwhelmed and a sense of urgency (especially when they start the course). It would be helpful to go through that in more depth. I am working with *my emotional injuries in a different way now…there's a shift from avoidance to allowing the feelings. It's not easy but it's the way.

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