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As a ‘sole trader’, I now wish to move into the private as a woman offering virtual office services. So, I have to end my contract with HMRC first, cease sending invoices and instead send bills for compensation to a man (instead of company) who utilises my services. However, these bills will then go to an ‘accountant’ who will process via HMRC and they won’t be able to class as an expense. My question is, can a public/business and private/wo/man operate harmoniously together as this is new territory for most local businesses? If yes, how does that look? Can you offer an example? If no, is this because you can’t mix the two? Thank you!

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    1. …maybe they can, I am not sure. However, the bill written as wo/man will be very different from the invoice as a sole trader. I have not seen an example of a written bill on this course so far, more claims and notices, so I am not sure how to lay it all out so it stands in a court of law. Plus, in writing the document, as a bill, all in lower case letters as wo/man, how will an accountant process this new way of writing? These are just some things I would like a little better comprehension from Gregg or Jonathan. 🙂

    1. Yes, charity donations are tax deductible. However, I don’t believe they could class it as a charity, because charity is about giving to the needy/poor and I am offering a service, so they couldn’t class it as giving to the poor or needy. These are just my thoughts, I am no expert in this arena…still learning. 🙂