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Can both Greg and Jon please share with us their daliy procedures they use for handling recording devices? Do you use your phone? Do you use a electronic voice recorder and is a voice recorder enough? Do you carry a mini camcorder? What if a woman or man pulls out a recording device and it gets knocked out of his/her hand and/or they are handcuffed and the device is taken from them? How do you have proof/evidence in that case? How long to you save the recordings; do you delete?

Recording daily activities is new to me and I am deciding how to best proceed. By having Greg and Jon describe in detail how they handle this important aspect of being a man/woman would be helpful for me to make my own decisions on what device to purchase, when to turn it on, managing the data, and becoming accustomed to this. Thanks!

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  1. You can buy some that clip onto your clothes or purse strap and start them before you enter a shop etc. For your car you can buy cameras that are not too expensive. My husband’s car got hit in a road rage incident. The guy denied it. My husband had footage of the incident. The police officer said that most people don’t have cameras so they don’t have evidence. Same as carry one on your body.

  2. This has been the debate in a group I belong to. Some people feel it is “illegal”, some think that it is essential, some that it is too intrusive… etc. I do it covertly now, whenever I am in the public, but if I were to need it in court would the man or woman to whom I am pressing my claim use it against me on any legitimate grounds?

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for your input; much appreciated! After reading your ideas I realize that I carry a “belief” or indoctrinated idea (unconscious) that filming others is intrusive or somehow “wrong”. Well! If I apply natural law to it I can ask myself: By recording am I harming anyone? No. Am I doing anything with the recordings that will harm anyone? No. I am just recording in case someone wrongs me. This helps me see that I can care about myself to do this action of recording and be a smart woman, take self responsibility, and have evidence from anyone who may harm me. My intention is not to harm/wrong anyone but to be a responsible woman.

      I feel this other new “agey” fear that by always walking around filming that I am somehow “attracting harm/wrong”. But again, if I consider this rationally, I know that because I act in accordance with natural law (do no action that harms another sentient being; including lying) that I am protected and cherished by the universe and do not need to attract difficulty into my life. And if I do, ok, then I will look at what the lesson is reflecting to me. In fact, learning in this course about coming to honor if I accidentally harm, I am armed with moral correct wisdom and confidence to not be afraid because I can act as woman and bring remedy. Thank you, Carol! You reply has sparked a wonderful cascade of insight.