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Can the “powers that be” decide to change the laws and rules of the game when they notice too many people starting to wake up? Also, do you think all of these “gender identity” issues thay have come about recently, where as we seem to be losing the definition of what exactly a woman and man is could be a plot to eliminate those terms so that people would not be able to utilize that approach in court anymore? For example when judge Ketanji Brown Jackson “couldn’t” provide the definition of a woman in front of a congress hearing?

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  1. The alleged “powers that be” can say and try to do anything they want… as usually does happen from time to time (like every day of our lives) yet , only when we allow those trespass upon our life, rights, interests, property, estate use and control of such previous listed things, can the “powers that be” as you say, will get away with it…
    i, am loving this process, because i, as well as you, can most likely answer i, own questions since i, have reached module 7, this is the turning point greg and jon are expressing to i, and you,

    ask a question then do not answer it until you ask another question of the first question you asked… this process is about critical thinking on i, feet unless you stand on your head as i, have been known to do sometimes in my life…. : )

  2. Yes. There is something going on here and I link this attempt to usurp man and womans sovereignty of this planet. There has been for some time, a terrible assault on the family unit and peoples sexuality, dragging things that are absolutely private, into a domain where it is used to abuse. I was thinking on this same question the last week, as on TV which I have srarted watching now for the ” programming”, there is a huge effort to create imprints of the mind that confuse sexuality gender – everyone has lust at the forfront until some inner work is done to transform baser energies. Love relationships are quite different. It may well be, that by accepting yet again, other titles than man or woman, an alien entity that enters here from sonewhere else ( not earth) is attempting to prove no sovereignty, no property ownership, no rights, of us who do live here, who were born here on earth. So if the ” bible” is used in court, the answer to our power is in that book, if its written man and woman, we stick to that dearly. On another very very important note, what we see on TV, is absorbed by oyr subconscious mind which has manifesting and creating power, it is not an accident tgat so called ” historical” movies and dicumentaries gave magically become real 20 to 30 years later. The seeds were planted back then, in fertile minds. What we think, visualise and imagine right now, what we expose our minds to, is like a wild fertile jungle and in our ignorance, this mind power has been captured and deliberatetly fed concepts and ideas through TV to ” change” reality for anothers benefit and not our own. Our love relationships and sexuality and morality, a huge target and when pesticudes and fertilisers are used that cause serious hormone changes especially for men, one has to ask, is that by ” accident”?