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Canadian Government is freezing bank accounts of their political enemies what recourse does a man/woman have?

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  1. With the Cdn govt freezing accounts of those who donated to givesendgo, i think that i would have to write a notice of trespass by way of theft and of harm (that would come if i wouldn’t have access to the property of i to pay bills, buy groceries, etc. ) to the wo/man who sometimes acts as the bank manager and escalate it daily. However my concern is that the govt is now doing illegal things (how can they freeze accounts when the EMA hasn’t been approved? How can they freeze accounts for something that wasn’t considered criminal at the time the donation was given?) – would i even be able to get into court to obtain remedy if the property of i wasn’t returned (considering i wouldn’t have court claim (?) number already on the go to speed things up or how could i speed up the process because they could delay it by months?