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city on behalf of the police sent i a notice needing to get an alarm permit for our alarm, they found out with one false alarm that was accidentally set off, there is a contract with the alarm company and police, decided to complete the alarm permit document because of prior alarm contract with police, however do you think this was required to contract with the city on behalf of police department for this alarm permit?

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  1. i say this with all due respect. If i am reading this correctly, do you expect the police to come to your home every time the alarm is activated? If yes, then because it is a public service funded by tax dollars, i’m guessing you may have to, but anyone please feel free to jump in, and correct me if i am wrong.
    Another thought i had is if you do not expect the police to come, is there a way for the alarm to be stand alone without a connection to the company whom i am assuming would call the PD every time it is activated?
    i used to work for an alarm company back in the mid-eighties, and we had clients who would immediately call us if the alarm was set off by accident to avoid police deployment.