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did not complete previous question concerning entering canada before accidently hitting submit. Wanting to go back to canada after being in the usa for awhile. with husband. I have canadian passport he has us passport. to enter canada requires filling out arrive cam which is a contract consenting to quarantining and testing if unvaccinated. not consenting is an automatic fine. not having a vax pass is another automatic fine. how do i deal with this as a woman? can my husband be denied entry into canada being unvaccinated and not consenting to filling out arrive cam

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  1. Good question. Greg keeps saying that these jab requirements, quarantine requirements, testing requirements are not for those of mankind to worry about, however the reality is they are.

    1. Agree. I feel that I am being told that once I REALLY “get this”, people will just naturally leave me alone. The last person who told me that people just naturally leave her alone also said she carries a badge around her neck saying that she is deaf and exempt from wearing a mask and everyone leaves her alone. It was not because her energy had changed. So, in the meantime, what do we do while living in this reality?

      1. We are a mass population of lost identity. If we walked around in a uniform that looked official, like semi army or semi police or semi medical, Noone would say a word! How great would it be, if we all just said ” dont be stupid, I am not doing that” and walked on. I guess those who have been employed to “force control” would be confonted in much the same way a teacher with a full class of runaway students. John and Greg have a good point, that being, anyone we meet or interact with we have 2 choices and our energy may depend on whether we get someones ” divine self” or “ego” self. Asking questions – if I go through, what happens to you my brother? Will you suffer if I continue to exercise my rights as a man or woman and not wear a mask? Will you face penalties if i, a free man advise you of my rights and you respect them? Are you aware brother, that if you do stop me, I will have to serve you in court for trespass and I dont want to do that because I think you are a good person, put in a conflicting position. I think we are in a place where we are examples sharing knowledge as we go and some people in positions of power, may be destined to receive that knowledge through us, so with faith, know that reclaiming our identity and rights, is infectious, compelling and inspiring.