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How do we deal with the pronoun people who like to be addressed in a way other than a man or a woman? Do we just address them as “you, a mankind?”

To me it seems like this rising gender ideology is a way to create controversy for and gaslighting those of mankind who are waking up and stepping forward into the private. How do we avoid getting involved in this kind of controversy?

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  1. We must retuse to play their game.
    It is an attack on language, meaning, which seeks to subjugate the rights of individuals to a new paradigm. The use of “they/them etc is an attempt at creating a title, to claim social power and at the moment they are being granted it.

  2. Great question. I asked if all this gender identity nonsense could be a back door plot in order to get rid of the terms man and woman so people would not be able to utilize them in court anymore.

  3. @Ben – Personally I think if a person doesn’t want to be associated with wo/mankind then they should either check-in to a zoo or go back to whichever planet they came from , however, we should consider that there may be members of the jury who have been brainwashed to accept this ideology and would label you as “misogynist” and would want to “cancel” you by voting against you. I’m not suggesting to play the game as it’s obviously so designed to hinder us from bringing claims forward in private, but there should be a way for us to rise above it.

  4. I was wondering about this too. With gender ‘fluidity’ are we able to deal in Law with those people as if they want to be a woman but are in fact biologically a man (or vice versa) then can you just be generic, referencing the wo/man jane doe?