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How does one protect trust accounts? I keep running into deadends that there is no way and no one wants to address this…Could this work?

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  1. Could this work? since there is no owner of trusts only trustees? Sorry i must have hit wrong key and it submitted my post before i was done!

    i, a man; who sometimes acts as: namexxxx trustee of the namexxxx TRUST estate; present notice to provide remedy,

  2. Greetings:))
    i protect a trust with a “NOTICE to the PUBLIC” in the newspaper near [within 10 miles] my bank; run the ad for 4 days a week, 6 weeks; ask them an “affidavit of Publishing” or give them an “affirmation” to sign; make sure the notice is specific about charging exuberant amounts of money for the unauthorized use of MY WORLD TRUST; after the 6 weeks is up and you have the receipt, take your little package down to the county recorders office and file it as a “NOTICE”; then send the filing number and copies of the whole thing to whoever looks like they need serving; Much Love n Blessings :))