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i am still confused on how to sign, i feel it is impossible not to sign documents such as after payment with a credit card, signature required for license, a police ticket, etc. do i sign without prejudice?

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  1. Jon has mentioned several times that he hardly ever signs anything…please elaborate on this. In addition to items mentioned in original question, what about opening a bank account, buying property, etc. How do you determine what you should sign and what you should not sign?

  2. Yes, very good points you raise. With everything moving away from paper and forcing a digital agreement how does one combat that??

  3. and the lack of opportunity to counter offer when “signing” term + conditions, privacy policies, digital “contracts’ to access various services

  4. If you want to go through the trouble of requesting the written contract in every situation (i would imagine you could in most instances with some pushback), you could take the contract, revise it to your liking, send it back signed, and see if they accept it; that’s assuming you can put off signing in the moment.
    If you are going to use a credit card, then i guess you are agreeing to their terms when you signed up for it; i still have one credit card that comes in handy during emergencies, but i try to avoid using it because i do not like how much interest they are charging me.
    With regards to a police ticket (other than speeding), i believe Jon has said he would refuse to sign it, and rather than fight it, he would remove the controversy by sending notice of what is true from his perspective. Unless of course you were speeding, and because we have all agreed to obey traffic laws to keep little johnny safe, we must do the honorable thing, and pay the ticket; ouch, but reality.