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I have a business registered at my own name and I gave services to clients over the last year. I wish to not declare revenue and pay taxes on the compensation I received for this last working year. How can I do this with out the risk of being audited and go to jail?

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  1. I have a property left to me, it is rented. I pay tax on the rent presently and rates and repairs and agent fees etc. I would like to retain every cent as I am retired and would prefer not to be paying a portion to the private corporation masqurading as the government. Can i chose to percieve it as compensation without coming undone?

  2. i have a business and never registered it but i did do taxes for the past many years;
    i am in the process sending a Notice to men and woman that i do work for compensation;
    i expect a letter from the persons acting as tax agents when i do not send in the tax

  3. You might like to register yourself, your family, property and business etc under common law. I don’t know what country you are in, but many non-jabbed are getting together and forming their own communities under common law completely outside of the statutory system. Here is the link:

    1. Wow thank you for this info Catherine. I went through the website and I am not sure how it could help me dealing with my income vs. donation problem.