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I have two friends who are NYC Firefighters, along with a few thousand other Ny city employees, about to get fired for not getting the vaccine. Can you please walk us through a scenario of how they can best approach the sitiation. The city will fight tooth and nail to save face and arent going to just let them get their jobs back so I dont see it coming about easy. I’d love to help them but I’m still very new to all of this and have yet to fully comprehend and own the process with full confidence. Thank you!

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  1. Stand their ground. Serve notice upon the man or woman who is threatening to ” fire” them, call them out as a man or woman who is using financial oppression/livlihood to coerce an act of Trespass of the body by way of medical battery of which thry will face criminal charges for, as an individual. Another thing, where an initial work contract does not stipulate ” must get vaccinated” there is a new term in place not agreed upon in the employment and therfor, where is it mutually agreed that a termination can be suddenly made? Surely there would have to be a re- hire/contract put in place that states so? In Australia, BHP case, it was written ( but not made public ) that it is unreasonable and therfor not grounds for firing workers refusing vaccinations, because the vaccine is permanent and the request goes beyond work, into the private life, a 24/7 permanent body change. Anything for work safety that stays in the work environment, is reasonable. Especially, when it is a trial substance and cannot be called a vaccine. Also, as it is a trial, who is getting paid benefits or receiving some incentive, for the use of their bodies to do this ? That would be a form of human trafficking, its a covert slave owner or stock owner, dictating over his/ her cattle. We are all equal in the eyes of the Law.