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I know this is limited to the u.s., but if we are contracting through a company, who sends the IRS a 1099 form regarding our pay, is this considered the same as Income, and are we considered fully in the public and required to pay tax in the same way? That being said, i know i can send a notice stating the amount i can pay monthly without causing harm to i. Thank you!

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      1. Kim, here’s part of the answer. That doesn’t sound like compensation in the private, a contractor is a fiction and the IRS is concerned with income. The reality is that men and women truly working in the private is part of the transformation of the earth, it’s not going to be the old system minus tax.

  1. In Australia the tax system is automated
    Once you start a new job and fill out a tax declaration with your tax file number, your employer will automatically withhold a percentage of your income before they pay you and send it to the tax office every month.

    1. Thank you @Glenn. That’s the same situation as employees here, but contractors get the full amount up front, then are supposed to pay taxes on it after deducting expenses.