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I placed a large sum of money for transfer to a foreign country into a private, joint type of banking acct back in 2006 (It was called MyIsis). I didn’t really need the privacy as the money came from a primary home sale that wasn’t expected to have a Cap gain tax but the IRS raided and disbanded the company in 2007 and took everyone’s money on the assumption that people putting money there were “tax evaders”. I do not know if there were particular agents involved in this (need to research); i am considering pursuing getting this money back from the IRS somehow, Notice of harm by way of extortion to the agency? the agency commissioner? Suggestions or do you think too much time has passed in this situation to seek remedy for harm by extortion? If not, how might i pursue the IRS if there is no particular agent names connected to this? Thank you.

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  1. Isn’t this trespass by way of theft? If you know who the wo/man is who stole your money and you have facts and evidence to back up your claim, and you can express to a jury that your money was stolen, I am guessing that you have a strong claim.