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If I have an existing medical malpractice law suit that seems to have stalled, can I bring forth a claim of trespass by harm?

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  1. I have worked with work injury victims and this is the only way to achieve proper remedy- direct to the man or woman. Ignore all legislations and other so called Laws, if you have the evidence and facts of a man or woman causing harm by body trespass, negligence, or injury fromlack of consent, start to give them Notice for remedy and an amount to pay to compensate. I have seen so much lying and corruption by Lawyers in this field, there is only one side- their own. So cut them out and deal only with the man or woman, not their insurer, it is up to the wrong doer then to raise the claim with his insurer, not you. As renedy seekers, do not deal with the offenders insurer. If the insurer refuses to pay, then they sue their insurer for breach of contract. I am going through this right at the moment assisting a woman injured in a supernarket. It is at the stage now where I will give notice to the man who acts as CEO for the supermarket, while I also advise him that his insurer have ignored the claim, fobbed her off for months and acted with dishonour. Now he is about to be served personally if no remedy is made. Often, the insurers have special arrangements where they ” take the money out of a fund or scheme” to pay a legitimate claim, but they KEEP that money and do not pass it on. So they prove a genuine claim to the company tgat has contracted them, then they disprove or invalidare the injured party. So what I have learnt, is pursue relentlessly the man or woman who is responsible and do not accept being palmed off, do not go anywhere else, except to the man/woman direct, for remedy.