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If it doesn’t matter what the legal codes, acts or statutes have to say in the L of M, Can I notice and press claim with sister if she continues not to make remedy? Dad’s mutual fund of 300k intended to be shared amongst his children after death was TOD’s (transferred on death) to eldest sister who took care of his financials and paid his bills the last few years of his life. Her name was on all of his accounts to distribute properly. She is withholding the money in this fund and keeping for herself since her name is on it legally. We have made attempts for her to make remedy and understand it was dad’s intention to be shared amongst all of his 3 children and not just one. It is not included in the will and trust. thank you.

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    Oh, i, send my condolences to you and the good part of your family,

    i: a man; share with you a short version i, know about death, wills, trusts, and trustees, beneficiaries, trustor, etc….

    when a family death occurs, the greed for money, property, and the decedents wealth, almost but not always breeds cockroaches, that do not run when the light is turned on…….

    in the dark and until they are exposed … they stand on their hind legs to appear mean, large, and yet they also hisss, spittt…. spattt… ;

    and do everything in their power to hold on to those crumbs… (gold, silver, bank accounts, mutual funds homes, cars, bank accounts and any safety deposit boxes you do not know about etc… etc.)

    the cookaroaches will find other cockroaches close to the decedent, to be an enemy to you if you and others ask too many questions, begin to want to see papers, bills, etc….

    if no trust or will, then a court gets involved, if you and other bring a controversy to court…. and the courts love it because when it is brought into courts, the courts, can take power over estates, or controversy… and deplete it through appointed trustees, , executors, or receivers etc…

    whatever is in the will, trust etc. is iron clad…
    whatever is in the will, trust etc. is iron clad…
    . is iron clad…

    in your country… look at your trust laws and pertaining to wills,
    for duties of trustees, executors, etc….

    and the rights of beneficiaries which are not many…

    if the cockroach was not a trustee, or did not have power of attorney, she is toast…..

    what the trust /will says IS the man’s last dying wish…

    whomever is the trustee or co-trustee over such wills / trusts, has to step up or pay the beneficiaries, everything pertaining to the last will and or trust,,,

    and the great thing is that ALL trustees, executors, co-trustees, have to give an accounting….

    Even if there is a no contest clause in the trust will etc…. it will not matter because the one thing you can always do is an accounting and remember all numbers of transfers have an origin and a destiny…

    there is no in between,

    use the internet, get a certified copy of the death certificate, start to grab all you know together, all papers etc. you have together and enquire together, against the cockroach sister….

    use this a process to lawofmankind to give correspondence, notices, have them ready and each of your siblings do your own… inundate the cockroach sister, by burying she with paperwork….

    Make police reports, get the hospitals bills, bank accounts,

    Put in a change of address right away  So the papers all come to you….
    whatever you can to also audit the trusts, wills banks accounts, etc….

    expedite it because the cockroach will transfer, hide, take, put in others names etc. to distant the wealth from its tentacles… of your deceased loved one… whom he wanted to receive their fair share….

    Can you tell i; cannot stand when this happens and it is all too common these days,

    Hope that helps

    Above is from i, old way of thinking, drag the cockroach into a game of integrity, non-greedy way of life, do not despair, she will lose…. You stay in honor while you do sauch things to recover what is rightfully your from your deceased love one…

    now i, would do the following:
    will be more calm, kul, collective, respectful, and use the LAWOFMANKIND correspondences, notices and then draw them to i, court of record….. : )

    hope this all helps… i feel for you and i, will pray for your proper cordial outcome…

  2. oh i missed “if it is not in the will or trust,”

    as an example …
    if in the trust it says johnny get the car, mary gets the house, frank gets the tools etc… and it is not stated about the fund…
    then upon death it automatically gets transfered into his estate…. for equal shares for all beneficiars no matter what…

    look at your estate trust, and wills which are almost universal….

    1. thank you so much for your response and understanding of the issue. My devil acting sister is executor of the trust. She is not giving us accounting. I will push this. The mutual fund is not in the trust, says she but your point is that it will automaticly go into the estate so I will have to check this. And she changed everything to go to her address before I learned what a snake she is turning out to be. Thank you for your advice.