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Is trading in cryptocurrency considered a compensation? Can we give notice not to pay taxes? Anything special about the notice? I also get rewards in Crypto. Are rewards treated the same as donations or compensation?

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  1. i, listened to a podcast the other night where they said yield farming (paying interest) on crypto (typically stable coins…likely to be banned soon because it undermines the banking cartel paying zero on USD) is treated as ‘income’. It was glossed over but with my new found knowledge, i, ears pricked up. So it sounds like signing up to yield farming might involve an agreement to treat interst / compensation as ‘income’, and so might be required to pay tax at usual rates.

    I, a man, have also made property purchases for the first time this year (crypto assets), with some of i, other property (money) in crypto and recall a question asking where the money came from, typically leading to an ‘income’ answer (this was before I took this course so it was not particularly significant at that time). Without seeing the full text again, I, do not see how that would stop i, a man, from taking ownership of my property (money) received from the estates employment income and purchasing other property (crypto assets) and receiving compensation or detriment by way of increased or reduced price at time of sale, aka ‘compensation’ for use of my property. But it would be great to receive Grag and / or John’s view.