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Paying taxes might be a question of honour. Does income tax really only go towards paying interest on bonds rather than a broad list of public services which most of us are likely to use at some stage, even if there is not intention e.g. the NHS…if knocked over by a car unintentionally?

In the last Q&A we discussed taxes and one way of considering whether to pay the different types might be to go to honour, and consider which benefits we use and pay those related taxes. Greg advised that he would not pay income tax (not that he receives 'income') because he has no intention of using the NHS for example but then went on to explain that income tax goes towards paying interest on bonds etc. and not the services we are lead to believe. Having been to the school of indoctrination, this was a new one on me and further research makes no such mention, being rooted to the usual; public services such as the NHS, education, welfare system, and other investments for public use, such as road construction, railways and housing. Is this incorrect? Is the government lying when providing detailed budgets on what the taxes go towards…with no mention (that I can find) of such interest being paid out of income tax let alone ALL the income tax being used to pay for it?

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  1. I pay no income tax for years, but have been contributing to different community projects since I take responsibility for being a member of community. I think I paid more to those projects than I would pay in tax as they are a lot closer to my heart than something I do not agree with. So, there is a way of staying honorable and not contributing towards politicians’ wages and agenda?