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Please discuss around topic of employer (regular employment) seeking to force jab and/or test and/or wearing of face cloth (without medical evidence from doctor for exception…despite there being non medical rationale exemptions), on i, the man’s, estate (legal fiction).

i, understand there is the option to leave such a non harmonious relationship, but can we discuss as if such continued employed is otherwise desired.

Might it be best to approach from a perspective that such action(s) might cause i, harm (escalate via Notice to possible trespass etc. as required to the man or woman who sometimes acts as CEO etc.), by way of coercion, extortion, threat, barattery (as appropriate) which might cause harm to i, a man, via loss of money (and any other 'benefits') to pay bills, food etc. and harm to other property of i, wife, son and/or daughter etc. for similar reasons (or perhaps direct via wife, son and/or daughter to add pressure – class action of sorts). Alternatively, do we approach it via the 'legal', regarding breach of employment contract (assuming no breach for gross misconduct etc. or specific terms allowing the taking of such action, on the estate). i guess i, could use their legal framework if advantageous (Employment Act, ACAS etc. in the UK), but there would be limitations in terms of time limits within which to bring claim, compensation payable, and must be employed for at least 2 years to inure such 'benefit', and likely supportive of any government legal code, Act or Statute which might support such man dating. Further, the property of i, suffering harm, wife, son and/or daughter, would have no cause of action under their 'legal' framework.

So I think the way to go would likely be via the law for mankind, the law of i, by establishing the harm which would be caused if such action were to be taken, or employment contract terminated for refusing said orders. i, consider it would be useful for the community, at this time, for a discussion process around this please.

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  1. I would go private and then ask for compensation. Then you are no longer a title, employee, and can avoid tax etc. You may be interested in joining if you are in the UK. There are many leaving their jobs and starting together under common law, and or moving their businesses under common law. In these extreme times where the elite are set upon exterminating mankind, one should think about how much will be respected of the law of mankind. It is great for non extreme times, but remember, if one should set foot in a court, you are vast outnumbered. They can take you into any back room and jab you. You can’t trust that some pedophile freemason is going to respect anybody in this day and age. Remember, they are in the midst of exterminating mankind.

    I am sorry if this is not worded in the law of mankind way. I have been too busy in other areas of life the last months. I have just hooked up again and am on module 3. What I understand from is that when you use their system, you don’t even go to court, you just send the court orders. i.e. tell them what to do, because the living are higher than the corporations.