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Trespass by way of ?? How do we find the right terminology for the trespass we are claiming?

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  1. For example, the Ontario Police sent an officer to the private home of a woman who had been at the demonstration in Ottawa, to give her a flyer on peaceful protesting. Would that be a trespass by way of “intimidation”? The woman acting as the officer also came onto private property to deliver that flyer. Would that be a trespass by way of “unlawful entry”? Would i press a claim for each trespass separately?

    In naming the trespass, what i’ve understood so far in the course is that there are a handful of “standard” ones (theft, robbery, unlawful detainment, harm…). Is it also the case that we sometimes define our own? In that case we need to clearly define and communicate that definition in our notices and claim?

  2. Another example… What would be the proper name(s) of the harm/trespass caused by those of mankind who sometimes act as administrators of the employment contract of i, when they (1) coerce i, to sign a new employment contract with new conditions of employment (e.g. mandatory vaccination) which i, consider harmful to i, (2) place i, on an unpaid leave of absence due to failure to sign said new employment contract and/or comply with said new conditions of employment, (3) terminate the employment contract of i, without severance pay.

  3. i am in the process of writing a notice to the Director and Executive Chief Officer of Voyager Ltd. to have my crypto property returned to me or seek remedy in the amount of one BTC for every trespass and an additional one Ethereum token for every second my property is withheld from me. The trespasses I have states so far are:
    trespass by way of harm (removing my access to said property);
    trespass by way of lying (an email was sent stating all operations, actions, and accessibility would remain functional a few days before property was made inaccessible/unretrievable);
    trespass by way of theft (bankruptcy proposal states we may or may not receive some of our property back at an undisclosed future date);
    i am continuing to refine the notice, however, this is all new territory with this type of property
    Are all these trespass terms accurate for the situation? What trespass term would be applied to the notice recipient in regards to lending my property to others without my consent?
    Thank you everyone for helping to navigate this learning and empowering process.