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Trespass by way of theft (home taken through legal proceedings, but have irrefutable proof home is paid off) how do we use the proof/evidence to interject law upon the legal proceedings that have procedurally barred submission of proof to get property back and do so with an urgency in our notice?

This is a sad but true scenario. A home is fully paid off, is taken thru legal machinations. A Chain of Title and Mortgage Fraud Investigation was conducted by a banking forensic investigation firm and their findings were that the home was paid of years prior to the recent legal proceedings an theft. Just want to help someone deserving. Kindly, if you will vote for this question i, would be grateful. Thank you.

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  1. Wow. Possession is 9/10. Are you still in the home? Stay put. Anyone attempts to physically remove you, they need a court order. Get every nane of each man woman involved and give them notice of trespass and theft. Its all personal, all of it. I have seen this term used over and over ” its not personal, just business” Go for the personal every time, weedle out these theives, these individual men and women hiding in offices, teams, the schemers- IT IS PERSONAL.