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Where does the Law based language we are learning come from? Black’s Dictionary or are there other resources you can point us to?

When a friend asked me about this course I tried to explain the difference between legal and lawful and they asked what is the lawful language based on and I couldn’t tell them.

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  1. i; am going to have alittle bit of fun:

    i: must share where the LAW comes from….
    i: say where do you comes from….
    i: ask where does your friends come from….
    i: ask where does the judge/magistrate, public servant/administrator/ pro se cuter/ clerk/ policy enforcers come from….
    i: ask where does the trial by jury comes from….
    i: ask where does Black’s Law Dictionary come from….

    i: must share which is no secret to anyone who knows what is true….
    Shhhsshshshshshs here it is…. Are you ready… shhhshhs okay listen very carefully….
    where the LAW comes from…. IS …

    as we are all made of GOD, God, or god;
    and only when you believe, all mankind is made in the image of GOD, God god;

    i: ask you: a man; where does the law of mankind come from;

    yes indeed, you, a man, answered your own question;
    but, just in case you did not get it…

    lawful v. legal
    (leg al) is manmade for corpsorations leg = legis fiction….
    (law ful) is full of mankind L.A.W. = Land, Air & Water = GOD, God, god is in and of all things…
    no matter how we write the three letters it all eqauls = GOD

    there i, had my fun;
    now you; know…
    can you reply i, like to know i, am correct in what i, state is true… to you;

    by: a man; adam.